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Will fight for all Telangana issues: K Kavitha

How is your experience being a first-time Lok Sabha member?
My experience has been amazing. The very first day, upon entering Parliament, I felt emotional and patriotic. Everything goes according to rules and conventions there. It was a great experience to see so many members representing different religions, regions, speaking on different issues. Another feeling that I often get is that the members’ performance will be watched by millions of people of this great nation.

Kalvakuntla Kavitha

What about your performance as MP?
It is quite satisfactory as of now. Not only me, all the TRS MPs are highly educated and knowledgeable in many fields. This gives us confidence that we can do many things for Telangana state. Collectively we fought for the establishment of AIIMS for Telangana. Similarly on the Railway Budget and the General Budget, we raised several issues pertaining to the region; we will continue to fight on all issues.

How was the Prime Minister’s response on the issues?
We met Narendra Modi ji and represented the issues. He is very good and has a responsive and no-nonsensical approach. If he is fair, Telangana can get some justice.

You were highly critical about the Polavaram Ordinance…
They have just copied whatever was approved by the previous UPA Cabinet and we have objected to it. We will not sit ideally if the injustice to Telangana continues.

What you have done or trying to do for the Nizamabad Lok Sabha segment?
Establishment of a Turmeric Board at Nizamabad is a must as the district produces the maximum turmeric but the farmers are not getting good prices. I have already represented the matter, and will pursue it. I have represented to the defence minister for establishing a defence project in Nizamabad like the one in Medak. I am also trying for an airport as there are many Mumbai and Dubai-bound passengers from the district are more. Rail connectivity on the Pedapalli-Karimnagar-Jagityal line to Nizamabad is another pending important issue. Safe drinking water project for entire Lok Sabha segment and better sanitation is also on top of my agenda.

What about the Telangana cultural organisation ‘Jagruthi’? Since your government is at the helm of affairs, what do you expect the government to do on the cultural front?
Jagruthi is very much alive and I continue to be its president. More than our organisation and me, Telangana Chief Minister KCR is well versed with the issues concerning Telangana and he has started doing justice. As far as Jagruthi is concerned, we are going to bring out a ‘Telangana History’ book. It will take another two years We are also popularising Bonalu and Bathukamma festivals. A major event next year will be the Godavari Pushka-ralu. I want the government to go all out to popularise and promote Telangana culture during this period.

Recently your comments on Hyderabad and Kashmir provinces and demanding redrawing of the country’s international borders kicked off a controversy
There is no controversy in that. Indeed I have not made any comments in Parliament. A media organisation had called me for an interaction along with two other MPs. There I said that Kashmir has been a burning problem for the country and needed to be resolved. I never said Kashmir and Hyderabad should be declared separate countries as was projected by some media persons. We are spending Rs 2.5 lakh crore every year on defence. Most of the money goes to tackle insurgency and militancy in Kashmir. I said that it would be better to settle outstanding issues instead of spending such a huge amount. I did not say anything about redrawing international borders.

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