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At the outset I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the readers a very Happy Ugadi. As we all know Ugadi marks an auspicious time to begin new ventures, set personal goals for self-improvement, and reconnect with the Divine. According to the Hindu lunar calendar, Ugadi is celebrated during the period of March or April and changes each year according to the moon cycles. Ugadi is derived from the Sanskrit words, Yuga, which means era, and Adi which means beginning. It literally means the beginning of a new era. As legend has it, Ugadi is the day that Lord Brahma, the Hindu god of creation, initiated creation and set into play the forces of the universe. For all the people who celebrate Ugadi, this period is a time to leave the past behind and fully embrace a new, better and a more positive life as it grows like the flowers in spring and I truly wish the same for the readers too.

Like many an Indian festival, Ugadi holds deep symbolic meaning as it not only invites those who celebrate the festival to make New Year style resolutions but also encourages them to move more deeply into contact with their divine nature through prayers, mantra, and a practice of purification that begins with a shower at dawn. Especially celebrated in South India, Ugadi ushers in the beginning of spring, the first of all seasons, and is accompanied by the new shoots of plants and budding flowers. The coinciding of the arrival of hot weather and school holidays makes this festival all the more exciting and definitely does bring back fond memories from childhood.

So I sincerely hope that people will leave their past behind and embrace a bright new future in the days to come.

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