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s dawn sets in, the mother of two boys is busy getting them ready for school. Prior to that, she does not forget to give time to her regular workout session, a fitness freak that she is. Then, as the wife of a businessman, she attends to him and completes the role of a perfect homemaker.

However, the many hats donned by the Telangana Jagruthi founder Kalvakuntla Kavitha includes that of an entrepreneur and a dependable ‘’akka’’, apart from that of an astute politician and a Parliamentarian. On a daily basis, one would find a regular stream of visitors from all parts of state at her residence in Hyderabad. As a result, even at home, she attends to many visitors and does not hesitate to engross herself in her political duties making a point to greet everyone with a smile and lend them a patient ear.


But over the last one month, Kavitha has been toiling hard, spending three-fourths of her everyday life among public but, at the same time, doing complete justice to her role as a home maker. From her busy schedule, Kavitha takes time out for Hyderabad Express as she speaks to us about how she manages to play different roles – that of a mother, wife and a politician. In politics, she says, nothing can be planned in advance. “My children and husband understand the importance of my work. He is in business and he plans his activities in accordance with my schedule. In case of my children, we plan together and pay personal attention to their studies,” explains the Nizamabad MP.

Further, “Just recently, we have hired a tutor for them,” she quips on her role as a homemaker. “I never felt that I would get into politics. After returning from the US, I wanted to start a software company. But when my father resigned from Union Ministry and went for bye-elections in 2006, I started thinking about Telangana struggle,” recalls Kavitha.

Though a complete novice to politics, Kavitha initiated Telangana Jagruthi and quickly became a household name in Telangana in the movement for separate statehood, thanks to her communication skills and organisational abilities. Inheriting her father’s gumption, Kavitha has carved a niche for herself in no time. She points out that all her choices and decisions arise out of complete conviction and that her two -year stint in the US has a huge role in the same. She says that her mother too, like every mother, was worried about daughter’s safety when she wanted to go to the US. “Thanks to my father, individuality was highly respected in hour home. He always encouraged us to do what we feel is right,’’ she adds. “In the US, I used do many odd jobs, as I did not want to borrow money from parents for my day-to-day expenses,” adds the Telangana bidda, recollecting how her upbringing has helped her after she plunged into politics.

The results of the GHMC elections will be most crucial for the Nizamabad MP than anyone else. The thirty-seven year old toiled hard for over a month now.

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