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Every first-time corporator needs orientation: Kavitha

Now, the elections are over. The ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) swept the civic polls with thumping majority. While the whole party cadres across the State are in high spirits, the smiling face of Telangana is sitting pretty, calm and composed. With her impeccable smile and imposing mannerisms, Nizamabad MP and the surefire leader of Telangana Jagruthi Kalvakuntla Kavitha is gritty and down-to-earth.

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The TRS ruled the roost in the GHMC elections. Now, what next?
KCR sir does not believe planning for just that day. He believes in long-term planning, he is a visionary leader. He got the great vision for Hyderabad. He believes that Hyderabad should be developed with a holistic approach in bits and pieces.

Can we expect female Mayor this time?
The party has to decide who will be given Mayor’s post.

KTR opined that time has come to have online voting. What do you have to say about online voting?
Apart from a few security issues, I believe that it is only an option. It has both pros and cons. Online election is a safe mode where people from home can cast their votes. It might lead to 100 percent voting in future. On the flip side, identity is a major issue as people may hack accounts.

You have extensively campaigned for GHMC elections, what are the issues faced by Hyderabadis and how the government is planning to resolve them?
The poor people in the city are poorer than the poor people living in rural areas. In rural areas, they have small houses and have a breathing space. The houses might be small, but they have big yards etc. They can go out and get some fresh and free air. But it is not possible for the people in Hyderabad. 12 to 13 people here live in a single 40-square yard house. Already the government constructed 400 houses for the poor in IDH Colony within a span of eight months. They have a lot of hope on the KCR government which has promised double bedroom houses and hence they voted in favour of the TRS.

Do you think newly-elected women corporators require orientation?
Not only women, but all first-time corporators need special orientation. Because I am a first time MP, I know how difficult is to understand the functioning of the government. Everybody needs orientation, not just women.

Plans to empower women in Telangana?
When development of the whole State is happening in such a comprehensive way, it is meant for both men and women. When KG-to-PG education happens, we will see that not even a single girl child will be left without education that will help her get better job.

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